How To Prevent Cheating In Online Elections

More and more countries, organizations and institutions that hold or carry out internal electoral processes are turning to the use of electronic voting systems. These are systems that facilitate the electronic casting and counting of votes. They essentially do away with the traditional paper ballot systems that were characterized by their gross susceptibility to gross abuse, manipulation, and inconvenience. The reasons behind the emergence of this trend include:


The fact that anybody with a working computer, laptop, smartphone or, basically, any device with a working internet connection is able to cast their vote effectively solves the perennial problem of low voter turnout. When you can vote in the comfort of your own bed, should you choose to, you really don’t have an excuse not to vote.

Proliferation of internet capable devices

The past decade has witnessed an explosion in the number of people with devices capable of accessing the internet. The relatively low cost of these tools makes them accessible to billions of people across the entire globe who might otherwise have been economically locked out of the process. In addition, people physically incapable of making their way to polling centers such as those with physical disabilities can be comfortably afforded their right to vote without placing unnecessary strains on them.


By virtue of the fact that electronic voting does away with the need to rent or set up polling stations, hire electoral clerks and security guards, as well as purchase all the election materials associated with the physical ballot translates to astronomical savings in the cost of running an election, which is invariably a huge financial undertaking.

Slim to no chance of election tampering

Electronic voting systems, run by third parties, eliminate the troubling possibilities of election tampering, which have had disastrous implications for many countries in our living memory. Additionally, the fact that online voting tools enable the processing and delivery of election results almost immediately make them a great deal more trustworthy in the eyes of voters when compared to the interminable waits associated with traditional voting systems, wherein no one could say what was happening to cast ballots behind closed doors. This trustworthiness is the very foundation for a credible voting process. Election Runner, a popular online voting platform, provides a way for election administrators to combat voter fraud with sophisticated algorithms.

Precision and reliability of results

Online votes are immaterial in nature and thus issue that might arise to bring the validity of physical ballots into question such as unclear or ambiguous marks, disfigured slips or illegible signs greatly adds to the efficiency and reliability of the system. In addition, electronic voting data is very easily and conclusively audited, even years down the line due to the non-degradable nature of the data.

Understanding The Parts Of A Door Lock

Car locks are some of the very basic security installations in the world today. They act as a useful defense against unauthorized entry into your vehicle especially when left in a parking area. They also protect your young ones from falling off the vehicle when it is in motion. Car locks can either be activated manually or by use of a remote. There are various doors locks for each specific model out there.

The Following Are Some Essential Parts Of A Door Lock:

The Door Lock Switch

These are units operated by the simple touch of a button. They are commonly found in the door pull or armrest areas of most vehicles. Once you press the door lock switch, you complete a circuit that sends a signal to the body control module of the car. This in turn engages the door lock activators which move a rod to either engage or disengage the door handle from the latch cable. To facilitate ease of use, the door lock switch in most cars has images of a locked and unlocked padlock to specify the kind of function activated by each particular switch.

The Key Bob

Key fobs are some of the most advanced security tokens in modern automotive. The units come in with built-in authentication systems and help in creating a connected system from which a series of commands are executed. A key fob is specifically designed to offer a two-factor authentication capability. This type of authentication makes the use of a physical item as well as a second virtual input in order to grant or restrict access to the vehicle. For example, a card maybe used alongside a memorized complement, and in many cars this second step features the use of memorized codes.

The Latch

When the latch of a car goes up, the handle on the outside part of the door connects to the mechanism used to grant access. This is the opening process. When the latch goes down, the same handle now detaches from the locking mechanism, and this action now traps the various other parts of the lock, preventing opening unless the original process is re-initiated.

Actuators And Assorted Parts Of Door Lock

This is the hidden mechanism that initiates the process of locking and unlocking a car. It comes alongside gears, an electric motor and a linkage device, with all the three parts moving together to either retract or depress the car locking system. Modern cars have a complicated setup which requires electric signals to operate. Once an anti-theft code is send through the various controls, a chain of events starts and ends only when the locking or unlocking action has been completed. When contacts and circuits wear out, actuators may actually fail, compromising the safety of the entire car locking system in the long-term. At other times, wear is cause by extended use.

Over the years, the parts of a door lock in cars have become consistently more advanced, which is a step in the right direction given the large number of safety concerns for both people and property in vehicles.

Attain A More Beautiful And Younger Looking Skin With Purely Holistic Coq10

The regular use of Purely Holistic coq10 is one of the best decisions you can take if you’re a health conscious person and don’t want to bump into health problems anytime soon. While this is a very powerful antioxidant that your body produces, it can also be found in a wide range of beauty products which are meant to be used by both men and women. So with that being said, let’s see how using q10 can help you delay the aging process and have a better looking skin. Worry about free radicals no more. Using Purely Holistic coq10 you can easily prevent the damage of free radicals which wreak havoc on your skin from a certain age onwards. If you’re currently dealing with wrinkles or your skin looks flaky and pale, then you should know that a lot of that has to do with the action of free radicals. The good news is that you can prevent the damage they cause by using a cream that is rich in q10 coenzyme. In just a few days after you started using the cream you’ll be surprised of how much better your skin looks.

Stops Premature Aging

Premature aging is probably one of the first symptoms you’re going to notice if the damage caused by the free radicals in your body is great. And if you’ve been through the shock of waking up in the morning and noticing that your face looks old, you know exactly how this feels like. According to a study conducted at the University of Maryland in the United States, the use of topical creams containing coenzyme q10 greatly reduces and even reverses the damage caused by free radicals, but also damaged induced by UVB and UV rays. Any wounds in the skin will be easily cured and your skin is going to look better than ever.

Get The Best Cream Out There

If you want to make sure you’ll get your hands on the best possible q10 creams out there, you need to visit your local pharmacies and ask the pharmacist to recommend you one. Be sure to tell her more about your skin type and if you have allergies to any compounds that are usually found in such creams. Also, q10 creams strengthened with vitamin E are said to be more effective than other creams and that’s because the action of the q10 coenzyme is increased thanks to the aforementioned vitamin.